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Our team specialises in farm system analysis providing a unique consulting service. Using a range of analytical tools, we can assist farm planning, evaluate alternate strategies, examine the impact of new research and technologies and answer a range of “what if” and “how much” questions. Our analytical tools leverage the advanced computational power of modern computing providing us the capacity to model the intricate detail of the whole farm system. Facilitating accurate evaluation of various factors on farm profit and sustainability. We can address the following key areas and more:

    • Pasture type and management
    • Supplementary feeding regime
    • Enterprise allocation: Mix of crop and livestock and choice of rotation
    • Livestock selection and management
    • Impacts of seasonal variation and how to best manage it
    • Crop selection and input management
    • Risk management
    • Capital investment
    • New innovations and technology
    • Environmental impact and sustainability

Farm Plans

Determining an appropriate farm management plan can be difficult, farm systems are complex with many factors at play and each farm is different so there’s not a ‘one answer fits all’ scenario. We are here to help!

We use your farm data to calibrate our cutting-edge optimisation model. Using this we are able to optimise each variable in your farm system to provide a customised and effective 1yr management plan designed to maximise your profitability. 

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We also answer your additional questions regarding the operation of your farm system. For example, if you wanted to know what would happen if you cropped 10% more land or changed your time of lambing, we could provide you with an answer saving you the risk of trialling a poor idea.

Below are examples of the types of questions we can answer:

  • How can I best manage seasonal variation?
  • How long should I defer pastures / confinement feed?
  • How should I react to price changes?
  • How much land should I allocate to pasture and crop?
  • What is the effect of cropping 10% more?
  • What rotations should I use on various paddocks?
  • What grazing plan should I implement?
  • What stocking rate should I run? And how can I manage it in the poor years?
  • What flock structure should I run?
  • When should I lamb?
  • When should I sell?
  • What management tactics should I implement as the season unfolds?
  • What technical aspects should I focus on improving to best increase my farm profit?
  • How much more profitable is it if I increase lambing percentage by 5%?
  • What is the value of increasing twin lamb survival?
  • How much yield can I lose, for grazing my crops to still be profitable?
  • How much does profit change when I …?
  • How much does output need to change to make … profitable?
  • What is the optimal way to manage …?

Project Analysis

We offer three main services for researchers:

  • Consultation to help determine what information would need to be collected from the trial to allow for a detailed economic analysis.
  • Pre – project analysis. This is an analysis done prior to the commencement of the research, it can help indicate which of a range of possible research or extension projects is most likely to yield benefits to farmers. It can also help determine which areas within a given project have the most economic significance and hence require significant attention throughout the project. This will ensure maximum significance of your project.
  • Post – project analysis. This analysis is done after the completion of the research. Using the data collected during the project we can evaluate the economic significance of new findings.


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